Meet Our Partners

This is the dream team! They may not have the Meeks name, but they're all family.



Chineze Okpalaoka

Painter | Creative Director

Chineze is a self-taught artist and creative powerhouse based in Columbus, OH. After achieving her B.A. in International Studies from The Ohio State University, she moved to South Africa as a Fulbright teaching assistant, where she facilitated creative arts, literacy, and leadership programs. She uses art to both reflect themes from her personal life and to help make sense of the world.


Ethan Dayan

Business Coach

Author, Entrepreneur, Fitness Enthusiast, Drone Pilot, and Life Coach; Ethan is a driven individual who has sharpened his skills in a variety of industries to better coach others toward success in their fields. He has helped countless hopefuls jump-start their passion projects into fulfilling careers!


Philleano Kennard

Film Producer

90's Pop Culture Historian and lover of pizza. With a fresh perspective and knack for storytelling, he Co-Produces Short & Feature Films with Meeks Media.