Top designers require high-quality imagery of their garments. Each piece plays a role in the theater of the cat-walk with the model as its carrier. The most important factors of capturing the best runway photography are the lighting, the makeup, the choice of models, and the choice in music. When all of these work together in perfect harmony, their synchronicity creates a spectacle worth photographing.

Every Designer at New York Fashion Week, or any other Fashion Week from London to Milan, is looking for photos that showcase movement and highlight texture, all to wow the viewer with dynamic images. Meeks Media has photographed the above images for NYFW Designer, Jasmine Chong, to be published in Elle Magazine: Malaysia.


Lookbook & Editorial

A Lookbook is a collection of photographs compiled to show off a model, photographer, style, stylist, or clothing line. Usually, bloggers will model fashionable looks for that month or season. This gives viewers ideas on how to style outfits, or to show what the latest fashions are.

Editorials, however, are used to illustrate a story, article, text or an idea within the context of a magazine or to embellish a certain theme visually.