Meeks Media uses a fully FAA registered quadcopter capable of capturing 4K footage. For a limited time, Meeks Media is offering drone photography and videography as pro bono services to select clients as we gain more flight time toward our FAA UAV pilot certification.


Farmers can benefit from drones in several ways. Not only can drones save farmers money by helping them identify failing plants early and take inventory of crops, but the machines can also be used to map and study the farmland and its irrigation systems. In each of these cases, utilizing drones helps expedite what are otherwise time-consuming projects.

Architecture & Real Estate

Architectural firms and construction contractors are also benefiting from the use of drones. Much like professionals in real estate, architects can use images and footage of a property to create 3D renderings of the structures they aim to build. By cheaply and quickly creating aerial shots on which to place an architectural rendering, architects can create real-world concepts of their projects. This ability is indispensable to creating accurate designs and understanding how they fit within properties. Access to these plans during the construction project is also useful to the people actually bringing the design to life.

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