The Beginning


Everything's connected. I believe that every experience in my life has led me to this point. Growing up, I remember using my grandma’s camera at family functions to take snapshots of my relatives.  I always liked the idea that I could freeze a moment with a camera. It seemed like magic to me at the time, I could physically hold that frozen moment in my hands after it was developed weeks later. My curiosity for technology paired perfectly with my appreciation for art. Photography wasn't even a conscious hobby, but just something I liked to do.


My Very First Camera


When I was around 7 years old, I got my own first camera. It was a small 35mm Vivitar with orange details on the back and a plastic translucent green casing that let you see all the springs and mechanisms dance when I clicked the shutter. I took it to every vacation, field trip, and family reunion. I took it EVERYWHERE.

My Camera in High School

My Camera in High School


Fast forward to High School.  The same family that had endured my paparazzi flash at every reunion Thanksgiving and Christmas donated and supported a study abroad trip to Europe and got me a new digital camera.

I'm grateful for all the support my family and friends showed me when photography was a hobby and even more so now that it's my career. Do you remember your first camera? Do you have a favorite family snapshot?

Kyle Meeks